The Doodle Monkey Colouring Club

amazing-doodle-monkey-fansBecome part of a new affordable way to enjoy colouring.

No matter what age or gender, there is something on The Doodle Monkey website for you which fit everyone’s budget and artistic taste.

Why subscribe?

For the first three month trial you will receive 15 pieces of my art to colour and collect for only £1. That’s a saving of £6.70

You will receive art before it is released in any of the issue of Monkeys in my head books.

You will have the chance to get every issue of the crazy colouring books for less than the recommended retails price.

After the first three months trial and on receipt of your first payment, you will also receive your £1.00 back off your cart plus a personal discount code to get 10% off anything from the site.

Once you submit your first piece of art to our Facebook gallery, you will entered into a monthly competition to win all 100 issues as they are released.

What you waiting for!? Join the crazy colouring club today!

You can check out some of our members awesome coloured illustrations below.
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