FREE Colouring Pages Mailing List

Yay, you’ve found the mailing list page so you can receive my doodle art for FREE FOREVER.

As with everything, there are a few terms and conditions to help prevent this offer on the site being abused.

1. Only 5 doodles can be added to cart at one time. But you can make as many orders as you wish.
2. You can only have one registered user from each household.
3. You may use my black and white doodles for any purpose as long as the Doodle Monkey logo remains on each design.
4. If you want the illustrations for commercial use, please get in touch, I may be able to provide them without my logo.
5. The offer  only applies to colouring pages you download and print yourself and not my colouring books, merchandise or prints.
6. To continue to receive my free art in the future, you must remain on my mailing list. It’s just so I know who is genuinely interested in what I am doing.

I hope you don’t feel these are too restrictive. I just want it to be fair for everyone, including myself.

I am genuinely trying to make a career from my doodles and would love you to be part of it with me.

So if you could complete the simple form below to, you will receive the voucher code by email.

Happy colouring. 🙂